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Vinilos inteligentes

ITecVision Film is an advanced product that can go from an instant transparency to an opaque state via electricity. The film have two sheets of liquid crystal sandwich film.

It is a Polymer dispersed liquid crystal devices (PDLC) film, it can be considered a Smart Vinyl, a switchable vinyl that will have the same properties as the Smart Glass (Smart windows).


smart glass

Cristales inteligentes

ITecVision Glass also available as laminated glass providing greater safety in the workplace and at home. It is the same film PDLC or Smart Vinyl that ITecVision Film, the difference it is that it is not self-adhesive, but it keeps the same properties.

The PDLC (Smart Vinyls) film is protected between two sheets of glass, it confirms its "Smart Glass or Intelligent Glass o Smart Windows" properties and is a safer and more durable product in various applications: high traffic areas, rooms Bathrooms, hospitals, clean rooms, etc.


smart blinds

Persianas inteligentes

ITecVision Blinds Is also a new generation product. It completely changes the ergonomics of the interior and exterior of the houses.

It offers unmatched aesthetics and versatility for meeting rooms, offices, hotels, hospitals and clinics.

It brings to the world of architecture new possibilities to create spaces at the same time more open but also to grant them privacy.


about us

our history

ITecVision was born with the idea of responding effectively and precisely to the needs of each customer.

For this purpose we offer you more than 15 years of experience in the world of marketing, especially visual.

Its main strength lies in listening to the customer, but also in the advice we offer creatively and technically in order to provide the best supports.

our vision

We have succeeded in boosting traditional advertising.

The world is changing, as is the publicity that we have known so far, the static becomes dynamic.

Forget static advertising ITecVision converts it into a living material and gives it movement. You can touch advertising, feel it, live it and have it at your fingertips.

There are no limits, you tell us what you want and we help you to realize it.

our tecnologies

ITecVision is leader for products of new technologies in digital display. Our products of excellence are our PDLC polymers, they can be installed on various transparent surfaces in order to benefit from its privatization or content emission (projection) assets. You can choose the control and connection system through a switch, a regulator or a motion sensor. But also thanks to a remote control or Wifi via a mobile application to control the film PDLC with a smartphone.

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